Shipwreck Museum

The Girne Shipwreck Museum, located inside the Girne Castle, houses the remains of the oldest wreck ship known to the world dating back to the 3rd century BC. She sank in open waters less than one mile from the anchorage of Kyrenia, the evidence pointing to her being sunken by rough seas around 300 B.C.

Story: In 1967 a local sponge diver discovered the remains during a dive in over 30 m depth. During the summers of 1968 – 1969 Micheal Katzev from the University of Pennsylvania, Museums Department, directed a survey team using the help of 50 underwater archaeology students and technicians, who employed stereo – photography and other developed techniques to record the position of each object before it was raised. The objects displayed in the museum are the original ones, that where use by the crew of four or were part of the cargo that she carried on her last voyage about 2300 years ago!