Getting Here

Several airlines fly from various airports of Europe to North Cyprus.  These flights require a touch-down in an airport in Turkey. Usually these touch-downs are 45 minutes long. The international airport in North Cyprus is called Ercan Airport.

Ercan airport is roughly 45 minutes of drive to Famagusta, 35 minutes of drive to Kyrenia and 20 minutes of drive to Nicosia.

Major airline companies flying to North Cyprus are Anadolu Jet, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global and Pegasus.

An alternative route to North Cyprus is to fly to Larnaca airport located in South Cyprus and get a transfer to your hotel or villa in North Cyprus. The drive from Larnaca airport to Kyrenia is roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Ercan Airport versus Larnaca Airport:

Although the 45 minute touch-down in Turkey seems to be extending the travelling time, when you consider the 1 hour 45 minutes of driving from Larnaca to Kyrenia, coming through Ercan airport seems to be more sensible. Ercan airport is a small airport; not as busy as Larnaca airport, also the time to travel from Ercan to Kyrenia is about 35 minutes, so it covers the loss of 45 minutes caused by the touch-down. Also crossing the border between South Cyprus and North Cyprus can be time consuming depending on formalities and number of people crossing it at that time.