Ercan to Kyrenia

If you rent a car, it will probably be delivered to Ercan airport. Car rental companies will often provide a road map to you. The signs are both in Turkish and English and the map is quite easy to follow. However; a little hesitation while driving can still get you lost. So it is best to revise your route before you come here. Here is the easiest route from Ercan to Kyrenia:

  1. Drive out of the airport, pass the first little round about.
  2. After 5 minutes you will reach Nicosia/Famagusta junction, take the turn to left towards Nicosia.
  3. Shortly, you will arrive at the first large round about with a sign, pointing towards right to Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish). DON’T take that turn to right. Go staright towards Nicosia (Lefkosa in Turkish).
  4. Drive for approximately 15 minutes, passing through several round abouts and traffic lights, until you reach a very very large round about. Just before this round about, you will see a football stadium to your right and an Opel showroom to your left shortly after the stadium.
  5. On this large round about, turn right towards the mountains and follow that road for about 10-15 minutes until you reach Kyrenia.