Buffavento Castle

Buffavento Castle is one of the three Crusader castles originally built by the Byzantines in the 10th century. Located on a 950 m high mountain ridge, the castle does offer a superb view over the northern coastline of Girne. The castles main purpose was that of a look out and prison. Given its location, the steep ascent to the top of the castle should not come as a surprise. The views from the top provide ample reward to the visitor who prevails to climb up the steeper path (in parts a handrail is provided). In the middle of the 15th century Buffavento castle was slowly dismantled by the Venetians and its large stones used for the construction and fortification of other defence structures.

TIP: not recommended in the height of summer since you are almost non-stop exposed to the sun! Highly recommended: proper shoes, sun protection, water and some snack so you can enjoy your time once you have made it to the top!