Karmi Nekropolis

Karmi is a village in which tombs in shapes of rooms which stem from the Bronze Age were discovered. There is a human effigy in the corridor of one of the tombs. It is said to be the oldest found in Cyprus so far and is also said to be the goddess of fertility. Blue beads and bowls where found in the grave, the beads were gifts for the dead, bowls were for the Minos civilization brought from Crete (Minos is the king of Crete and the son of Zeus and Europa). These items are said to have belong to sailors working on the ships in Lapithos (Lapta). This shows how the various countries interacted in the Bronze Age. The village better known for its name Karmi was a former Greek village and was damaged in a fighting in 1974 and in 1983 the whole village was taken over by the TRNC ministry of tourism. Houses in these area are only leased to foreigners with the provision that they maintain it in the same shape they met it. It has a British feel to it with streets names like Geranium lane or the Crows nest pub. The Greek orthodox village church has been turned into a museum.