Herbarium of Alevkaya

The Herbarium/Forest station of Alevkaya features a very traditional set up. Plants have been pressed and preserved in large folders which you are free to view. There is a wealth of information but sometimes hidden behind Latin names. Never the less you can get lots of information about the flora & fauna of Cyprus (orchids, birds, butterflies etc…) The Herbarium was built by the government to provide information to those who are interested in nature.

Tip: You can walk from here to the Ruins of the Armenian Monastery of Soup Marga (short walk) or to the ruins of the Monastery of Antiphonitis (long walk). The BBQ grounds located at the Herbarium can become very lively in the summer season – especially on weekends. If you, like the locals do… like to pack your things and have a BBQ… or just a drink and enjoy watching locals enjoy their weekend then this place if for you.