Kyrenia Castle

The origin of the Girne Castle goes back to the roman period during which there was a harbour on the eastern side of the castle. The fortifications were built by the Romans in the 3rd century in order to protect the city of Girne and its harbour from pirates. Throughout its period of use, the castle was modified a number of time, which is quite evident when you walk through the two different entrance gates (the first one dating back to the Venetian period and after climbing up a steep passageway, the second one dating back to the Lusignans period). The square outer castle shape of today dates back to the Venetian period.

Tip: Inside the castle grounds you can find the amazing ship wreck museum! Housed in a specially acclimatised room are the remains of the oldest ship wreck found, dating back to 300 BC! From on top of the outer castle walls you can take terrific pictures of the old harbour or Girne.